Making Clay Earrings

A few days ago I got some clay to make earrings and beads with. Then a few days after that I had the idea of making a bird earring.

First I got out some of the red clay and took a little chunk off of it to make the head of the bird. Then I took another chunk off a little bit bigger of a piece for the body.

After that I realized that my two pieces were too big so I had to like cut them both in half. Then when I got in them smaller I very carefully I balled up the head and flattened it on the body.

After that I took a chunk a blue and flattened it out to make a teardrop sort of shape. Then I took some brown clay and rolled it into a snake and then flattened it on the blue piece of clay and then I got a little green clay and I made a little balls out of the clay and shaped those into leaves and stuck them on the brown clay. After that I added an eye to my bird and finally attached my bird to the bead.

Then since Mother’s Day was coming up I thought I’d make her another bead just like it and make them into earrings and give them to her for Mother’s Day.

So about a day later I tried to make another bead. But I kept messing up and I just couldn’t get it the same. So after about five tries I decided that maybe I could make a bunny earring.

First I got a kind of neon yellow for the bead. Then I got some green and stretched it out and put it on the bottom of the bead. I grabbed a toothpick and started very carefully making little lines so the green looked like grass.

Then I made a brown bunny with a white fluffy tail, adorable eyes, and a little pink nose. Finally I was done and all I had to do was bake them.

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Making Cakes

A week or two ago my mom had the idea to make an Easter cake but we didn’t have any food coloring so we couldn’t make rosettes or drawings so my mom and I decided on an Easter peep cake.

On Easter morning after like five hours after I woke up my mom finally convinced me to make the cake. And we started working on the batter. It was pretty messy and I spilled a lot of flour and cocoa powder and when we got  to mixing together the wet and dry ingredients my mom started yelling because she was very frustrated.

When we added the hot water and the batter got nice and smooth and I decided I wanted to add a cup of chocolate chips so I had to climb on the counter and get the chocolate chips down from the cupboard and then I added them into the batter.

Then we divided the batter evenly into 2 pans. When the cakes were out of the oven they smelled really good. My sister had made the frosting for the cake and then she flipped the cakes out and frosted it. Later my mom got out the peeps,and I very carefully arranged them on the cake with seven on the outside of it and one in the center.

Then for dessert we ate it and it was really good and moist and sweet.

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Drawing unicorn butterfly cats

A few days ago I was doodling  and I ended up drawing a really cute wing unicat. It’s kind of small so I decided to draw a bigger one. First I drew an oval shape for the head . Then I added little curved triangles for the ears.  Then I made a horn and added some curved lines in it.  Next I added another oval for the body.  Then I added half circles for the arms and legs. Then I added a butterfly wing but when I did the other wing they were different sizes so I had to shrink one wing and then just tinker with both of the wings for a while to get them how I wanted them. Next I added eyes, winking ones, and a mouth. Then I started to color the wings rainbow tie-dye first read then orange and then I just decided to color the hot corn red orange yellow green and blue. Then I finished the first wing moved onto the second. Then I started to color the wings rainbow tie-dye first read then orange and then I just decided to color the horn. First red then orange, yellow, green, and blue. Then I finished the first wing and moved onto the Second. Then I outlined the whole cat in black pen. When I finshed it turned out really cute.

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Drawing Cute animals

A couple weeks ago I got a stuffed animal unicorn and it was really  cute. It’s eyes were a magenta color and had little white stars in them.

It was blue and it had a rainbow mane. It was really squishy and it was really round.It had a golden horn in rosy cheeks.

I really liked his eyes because they were really cute with the little stars in them, so I decided I would draw an animal with them.

My friend liked to trace certain things to get really nice and clear circles. I decided I would use that strategy and  I found a bowl that was the perfect size.

I got a nice sharp pencil and traced the bowl. Then I found this black cap in a drawer and traced it for the eyes.

I added the little crescent moon thingy in the eye I made a circle and then a star and then I colored in the crescent moon thing magenta.

I colored in the rest of the eyeblack, but keeping the small circle in the star I kept white.

Then I just repeated the process for the other eye.

Then I added some cat ears, and little rosy cheeks under the eyes, a little cat mouth and then I was ready to color it all in.

A few years ago at an art museum I remembered I had gotten some water colored pens. I decided I would use them to color in the cat.

I picked out a brown pen to color in the whole cat with. Once I was done with that I colored in the inside of the ears with a nice pink.

When I was all done coloring in the cat are use the black sharpie to outline the cat face.

Then as a finishing touch are used a pink pen made a heart and then a green pen and made some swirly‘s.

I picked a pretty piece of paper for a background. Then I stapled  my cat drawing to the pretty piece of paper and  I was all done!

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3-D Printing

A few weeks ago I started 3-D printing a DA symbol in my 3-D printing class. 

At first I had to hollow out a square that I had stretched into a rectangle, basically you have to to get a square and stretch it in for a long rectangle, then you take another square and stretch it into an even longer rectangle and then you press a certain button at hollows it out and takes the second rectangle out of the first. 

Next I pressed a button that allowed me to type in words. 

I went through a list of fonts.

Finally when I chose the font I typed in the word I wanted which were DA and Durham Academy, there was a glitch so I had to rotate all the words which was very challenging to get them straight.


 Then I had to try to make the DA symbol which took me a while to make because I didn’t remember the symbol very well finally I got the symbol right. 

Very carefully I had to stick it on top of the hollowed out rectangle.

Next I stuck the word Durham Academy inside the hollowed out rectangle. 

Last I filled out a form and chose the color I wanted for the DA logo. 

I hope you have learned a lot about 3-D printing!

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Making putty

A few weeks ago for my birthday I got a thinking putty kit.


At first I used one of the tins to be a clear putty.

Then I started making some different colors, the first orange,the next one I made blue,then pink,purple, and finally silver.


 For the orange putty I mixed pink and yellow sparkly putty together. Then I added some plain sparkly putty to the orange. 


For the blue I used blue sparkly putty that came with the kit and mixed it with some clear sparkly putty.


For the pink I just used the pink sparkly putty that came with the kit and mixed it with clear sparkly putty.


Then for the purple I mixed pink and blue sparkly putty along with clear sparkly putty.


Finally for the silver I mix two different types of clear sparkly putty and it made a nice sparkly silvery gray black color.


I like Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty because it is creative, it is fun to play with and, it is a good fidget toy.


You can get Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty Barnes & Noble (that is where I got mine), Amazon, and other arts and crafts stores.


Now go and get some Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty!


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Drawing chocolate

During winter break, I did not do any art projects. I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina and Mars Hill, North Carolina. I spent a lot of time outside, but I did not do any art. So for this blog post, I had to think quick and I started drawing a chocolate bar. I started out using a ruler to draw a straight rectangle.

 Next, I made it look like a folded wrapper by drawing a squiggly line and then drawing a triangle.(This part actually took multiple tries). 

Then I colored in the triangle in gold and half of the rectangle red, I had to make multiple layers of color to make it look good. 

Then I traced a glue stick to make a circle for the eyes. I added a little curve at the bottom for a mouth. The eyes are big and the mouth is little because it looks cuter that way. 

After that I drew eight rectangles to represent the sections of the chocolate bar. I added some rosy pink cheeks. Next I shaded in the individual rectangles brown. It took me a couple of tries to find the right shade of brown for milk chocolate. (That is my favorite kind of chocolate.) And it was done!

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Drawing Wands

A few weeks after I started reading the Harry Potter books. I was down in my basement drawing, I was bored and didn’t know what to draw. I had recently trashed some of my drawings because they were really horrible and they didn’t turn out like l wanted them to.        

 I remembered recently I had seen a Harry Potter movie and saw what a Harry Potter wand looked like. I started to draw the outline of the wand. It took me a while to get the shape right. First, it was too fat. Then it was too skinny, then it was too long, then it was too short. (I’m very picky about how my drawings look.) Finally, I got the shape right. Then I started drawing a squiggly line inside the wand. I drew another one the same length and filled in the space between them so it got darker and so it would look like different woods. After that I just continued drawing smaller ones on pieces of paper in that sort of stuff.

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My First Blog Post


This summer after I went to a jewelry making summer camp, my mom took me to Michael’s to get some stuff to make earrings with.

I started off making cute earrings with cat charms on them that my mom had bought me. 

I had recently found a locket in my room. And fill my locket with something I remember in second grade I had watched a DIY video where someone made a necklace out of hot glue. I got out a plastic box and put some old Elmers glue on it.

In the morning I checked it and it was dry. I took the glue off the plastic box I folded it up until it fit my locket and I took out a multi colored sharpie that my grandma had gave me and colored on it. And an idea just popped into my head, maybe I could make earrings. I quickly got out the old Elmers glue and spread it on the box.

Look up in the morning and tried to do the same process I had yesterday but it didn’t work, in the afternoon my dad took me to a hardware store to get some regular white Elmers glue. Then I tried it again it work I folded it up and took a toothpick and poked a hole through it.

Then I attached it to some earring making stuff and Wa la they were done!


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